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Before we start,you should know your not going to get rich off these surveys!
Some you may not even qualify for but persistence is key...try each offer before you give up...
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This is a very talented young man,who I'm so proud of for following his dreams....auntie loves you!
Check him out on all social media and music platforms!
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This is a listing of direct shippers, meaning sellers that have a surplus of inventory that they give away to try for free...but,I got this listing from a friend and have not tried them all so I'm not sure about how "legit" they all are,the ones I have used are working and I've gotten several nice products in return, like a cosmetic case,brush set and a bluetooth earbud set.  Thanks Click here to check it out!

Sellers that give free or discounted products...
This company refunds for their products within 24 hours,must have paypal account. Click here to check it out!
Amazon seller immediate refund for product! Must have paypal.
These guys are great to work with,they pay upfront for products they sell! So basically your getting it free, you need amazon prime and paypal. Click here to check it out!

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